| Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reflex?

  • Reflex is a competitive Arena first person shooter (FPS) that combines modern tech with the speed, precision and freedom of a 90s shooter. The game is currently at a prototype state and is being actively developed by Turbo Pixel. It is available via Steam early access for anyone who would like to help test the game and offer their feedback. Reflex has many upcoming planned features, but at its core it is reminiscent of the classic, die-hard FPS gameplay of highly skill-based games such as Quake (and its Challenge Pro Mode Arena modification). Visit the official Reflex website.

So... what is this?

  • What is the server browser?
    • The server browser shows a listing of all of the worldwide Reflex servers.
  • What is the API?
    • The API is a simple REST API that allows developers and other people who are interested in Reflex server information to retrieve that information and use it in their own projects (programs, bots, websites, etc.) Valve does not have a public API for this information, though it is freely available, so I decided to make this in order to make things easier.
  • Why did you create this?
    • I created this because Steam itself currently does not have a built-in server browser for Reflex (though Reflex has a server browser in-game). But more importantly, I created this because I wanted to quickly view server activity without having to load Reflex to do so. For me, this is a lot easier and hopefully it is for you as well.
  • Where do you get the data from?
  • Is the source code available?
    • The source code for for my a2sapi project that currently powers the back-end is available on Github. The old back-end API known as ReflexAPI is no longer used but can also be found on Github as well.

Help! Bugs, etc.

  • I click the "Refresh" button in the Server Browser but the server list stays the same!
    • As explained on the Server Browser page, server data is retrieved by the backend every 90 seconds. This limit is set to prevent needless master server queries. In other words, if my backend has not retrieved new server data, then when you click Refresh, the information will be the same. Just wait and it will automatically refresh by itself. If you need more up-to-date information, consider using the API and individual server queries.
  • How can I contact you?

  • I can be found under the nickname "syncore" on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) on in the #reflex channel (click here to connect). Alternatively, you can email me. To do so, click the "Contact me" link at the very bottom of the page.